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The CCNs — CCN - Ballet de lorraine

The Centre Chorégraphique National – Ballet de Lorraine is part of the network of the nineteen National Choreographic Centers (CCNs) created in France in 1984. The CCNs, comprised of classical and contemporary companies performing both creations and repertory, are all directed by established choreographic artists. Resource centers for dance, they develop artistic missions based on creation and the touring of productions, support production costs and host residencies for guest companies, develop choreographic culture and train scores of dancers; these directives are assigned to them by the French government and the community, as part of a land-use program and official policies prioritizing dance.  

The Association of Centres Chorégraphiques Nationaux (ACCN) was created in 1995 in Caen. The ACCN’s goal is to organize exchanges and discussions between the staffs of the CCNs, to further develop their directives assigned to them by the French government and the regional authorities. These activities relate to public policy supporting live performance, establishing dialogues with many of the principal cultural and artistic players in France. The ACCN is also a platform for the communication of important information, especially technical information, to be used by its members as well as its public partners, such as the General Directorate of Artistic Creation (DGCA)/ the French ministry of Culture and Communication. Finally, the ACCN is a representative communicating the collective points of view and the positions of its choreographer- directors. The association represents all nineteen, currently active CCNs.

Board of the ACCN, elected in July 2018

Sylvain Groud, director of the CCN de Roubaix Hauts-de-France, Petter Jacobsson, director of the CCN Ballet de Lorraine, Thierry Malandain, director of the Malandain Ballet Biarritz, Ambra Senatore, director of the CCN de Nantes, Grégory Cauvin, general secretary of the CCN Ballet de Lorraine, Erika Hess, delegated director du CCN de Nantes, Yves Kordian, delegated director of the Malandain Ballet Biarritz, Claire Rousier, deputy director of the CNDC - Angers


The CCN turned 30 in 2015!

To watch (or watch again) the anniversary evening celebration at the Théâtre National de Chaillot, click here.

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For more information on the CCN, download Céline Roux's text, command of the ACCN for 30 year season of the CCNs.

For more information about ACCN :

ACCN website and Facebook ACCN

General secretary :
Frédéric Pérouchine

Mission head  :
Lauren Boyer