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Regular classes — Dance classes

Contemporary dance cycle


Beginner - Intermediate (14 years and up)
Advanced (16 years and up)

Weekly classes :

The classes begin with a warmup which allows the student to better understand the relationships between the different parts of the body. Working on the floor and vertically, we establish the technical base for the practice of contemporary dance.
There are 3 principal focus points in the work: combinations, improv, and composition. With these elements, we are free to manipulate our material, reflecting upon the qualities of movement and on its intent as well as the emotion channeled by dance. Leïla Bessahli


Improv! - Children ( 9 - 14 years) 1 hr 30 mn/monthImprov! - Adults (15 years and up) 1 hr 30 mn/month

Improv 1 children’s class/ 1 adult class per month :

I offer a monthly rendezvous for “improv,” a technique which allows us to further develop our creativity and spontaneity.
I direct the experience using simple instructions. Through the sessions and your own practice, you will learn a new way of seeing, of analyzing a choreographic work. Joris Perez




Body awareness (4 - 5 yrs)
Initiation (6 - 7 yrs)
Beginner (7 - 8 yrs)
Preparatory (8 - 9 yrs)
Elementary I (9 - 10 yrs)
Elementary II* (10 - 12 yrs)
Elementary III* (12 - 14 yrs) Secondary* (14 - 18 yrs)

* We recommend that students take at least 2 classes per week if they wish to experience more concentrated training


Beginner (13 yrs and up)
Advanced Intermediate


Boys class (10 yrs and up)
At least one year of working en pointe is required
Stretching (16 yrs and up) No pre-requisites

By teaching ballet to children and adults, I try to direct my pedagogy toward perception. I want the children to feel the movements themselves in order to acquire a more personalized technique and a fully experienced shape. I use my own experience as a professional dancer, working with repertory and transmitting the heritage of classical ballet, enriching the choreographic culture of the students and developing their artistic senses. And by being inspired by a style, a period, or a typical character of classical ballet, the students can improvize and create, thereby developing their own creativity. Daria Dadun-Gordon

I teach ballet based on the choreographic experiences which have enriched me as a performer. I want this rich "expression" out of a long tradition to be present, accessible, a source of great pleasure.
The class occupies a different space, a moment for each person to discover him- or herself, to commit to the dance and to make him-or herself happy. I also seek to explore the comprehension and the perception of movement as well as coordination, phrasing and musicality, culminating in an engaged, expressive form of dance. Juliette Mignot

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