Objets re-trouvés

Choreography : Mathilde Monnier

Premiere November 24, 2012, at the Opéra National de Lorraine

Choreography : Mathilde Monnier
Artistic collaboration : Christophe Wavelet
Stage Design : Annie  Tolleter
Sound Design : Olivier Renouf
Lights : Eric Wurtz 
Voice Coach : Dalila Khatir
Rehearsal director : Thomas Caley
The sound score derives from excerpts of music from the choreographic repertory of the CCN - Ballet of Lorraine : A.S. Tüür, I. Stravinsky, E. Lalo, J.S. Bach, W. Riegger, D. Shea


« Dancers are captors of reality, they seize a part of the world, and translate it for us in their bodies and through their dances. They have developed amazing capacities to register and store the memory of movement and imagination. Throughout my years as dancer/choreographer, I have had the opportunity to actively observe dancers attempting to understand their mechanisms of perception, their strategies of approach, and their incredible capacities to mimic.

This project is articulated around what the dancers of this company possess in common, a shared repertory that is, part of the heritage of dance history. How, from this starting place, do we allow the subjective and creative side of each individual to emerge? What does a performer do to re-live their role, what do they tell themselves in order to re-activate a choreography, what fiction do they invent for themselves? What is that unnamed part alongside a set choreography? At the Ballet de Lorraine, some of the dancers hold more than fifty roles in pieces that are for the most part of a contemporary nature.

The repertory, their repertory, is part of their story as performers, and is of the utmost wealth. It is upon this material that I reflected, and articulated this creation.

What do dancers say to themselves when they dance for the umpteenth time a repertory piece? We must enter into the minds and the imaginations of the dancers. We must read in their bodies this incredible voyage of the poetics of dance. This creation is a tribute to the dancers, to their strength, to their creative power.» Mathilde Monnier

Mathilde Monnier

Mathilde Monnier holds an esteemed place within the French and international dance scene. From one piece to another, she defies expectations by presenting work that is constantly renewing itself.
Her nomination at the head of the Centre Chorégraphique in Montpellier Languedoc- Roussillon, in 1994, marks the beginning of a series of collaborations with personalities coming from various artistic fields (Jean-Luc Nancy, Katerine, Christine Angot, La Ribot, Heiner Goebbels…) and a loyal creative team (Annie Tolleter, Eric Wurtz, Olivier Renouf, I-Fang Lin, Julien Gallée-Ferré…).

In November 2013, Mathilde Monnier became the General Director of the Centre National de la Danse (CND) Pantin.