Choreography : Ingun Bjørnsgaard
Music : Geir Jenssen 

Hedda © Mathieu Rousseau

Inspired by Hedda Gabler from Henrik Ibsen
Premiere May 23, 2013, at the Opéra National de Lorraine

Choreography : Ingun Bjørnsgaard
Dance collaboration : Mattias Ekholm
Music : Geir Jenssen
Dramaturge : Kaï Johnsen
Lights : Lutz Deppe
Stage Design & costumes : Thomas Björk
Rehearsal Director : Thomas Caley


Ingun Bjørnsgaard allows the great Norwegian dramatist Henrik Ibsen's, Hedda Gabler to give the frame of reference to her new work for the Ballet de Lorraine. The piece from 1890 is an iconic and mythical bourgeoisie drama about the destructive and "unhappy woman" who without warning commits suicide.
Hedda is a woman who despises the ridiculous and the low. She identifies herself with heroic manly-hood while at the same time is finding it difficult to transition to the new requirements on femininity in the modern age.
A fascinating tragedienne who stands in contrast to, and also in dialog with, our own melancholic time and ambivalent longing for passion and real drama. Bjørnsgaard allows this original text to influence her creation as the underlying mythological map, but maintains an independence to the play as a whole.
This work for 15 dancers visualises the compound, fragile, sensual, ridiculous and overdramatic play in and around an unharmonious persons hunt for a way out of ones self.


Ingun Bjørnsgaard has established a unique position in Norwegian and international dance through a series of distinguished stage works over the last twenty years. Her choreography explores human conditions such as desire, vanity, and shame as they appear in the body, the movement, and the gaze, creating a drama that vacillates between existential pathos and comedy, classical myth and everyday life, sublime beauty and awkward situations.
In addition to the nineteen full-length works she has choreographed for her own company, she has also created for institutions such as the Norwegian National Ballet, Carte Blanche in Bergen, the Royal Swedish Ballet in Stockholm, Komische Oper in Berlin, and Tanztheater Bremen og Tanzcompagnie Oldenburg. Ingun established her own company in 1992. She has been awarded several prestigious prizes and is the only artist to have received the Norwegian Critics’ Association Award twice, for Sleeping Beauty (1995) and Largo (2010).