Le Surréalisme au service de la révolution

Choreography : Marcos Morau Dukowshka
Music : Akira Rebelais, Benjamin Britten
Live drummer : Grégory Terendij

Le Surréalisme au service de la Révolution © Arno Paul

Premiere on March 3rd, 2016 at the Opera national de Lorraine 

Friday march 1st 2019 at 8:00 PM
Sunday march 3 2019 at 3:00 PM

At the Opéra national de Lorraine
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Set and choreography : Marcos Morau Dukowshka
Assistants : Lorena Nogal and Ariadna Montfort
Lights : Bernat Jansà
Scenography, costumes : La Veronal
Costumes made by CCN - Ballet de Lorraine 
Dramaturgy : Roberto Fratini
Music : Akira Rebelais, Benjamin Britten
Live drummer : Grégory Terendij
Rehearsal directors : Thomas Caley and Valérie Ferrando 

35 MIN.

With the support of Pro Helvetia, Fondation suisse pour la Culture 

Marcos Morau wants to present the world which surrounds him as a reflection of his own interior universe, with his collective La Veronal, based in Barcelona, with artists working in dance, film, photography and literature.
In the last ten years he has become one of the outstanding artists on the European choreographic scene, receiving in 2013 the National Prize for the best Spanish choreographer.
In this new work Marcos Morau will be inspired by the principal Surrealist artists, in particular Luis Buñuel. Buñuel ‘s use of dreams, his political and critical thinking, his cultural environment, and especially his love for the drum, an instrument used extensively in the folklore of his native region, Lower Aragón – will all be part of the influences in this piece. The drum will be part of a system of communication in which diversity becomes community, an instrument which according to Buñuel “makes the ground shake under our feet” and may become a phenomenon which may drive a revolution. 

Marcos Morau

Marcos Morau studied choreography at the Institut del Teatre de Barcelona, the Conservatorio Superior de Danza de Valencia and at Movement Research in New York, obtaining the highest score on his final project and an award from the Institut del Teatre. He was an assistant for Nederlands Dans Theater II as well as for the company IT Dansa directed by Catherine Allard. He also studies photography and drama, working toward a Masters in Theory of Drama.

In 2005 he created La Veronal, a company formed by artists in dance, film, photography and literature. They are constantly searching for new means of expression, for cultural references in cinema, literature, music and photography, creating a strong narrative language toward the formation of global art spaces. La Veronal is creating a series of works in which the starting point is a country or city, creating a link between dance and geography. The pieces are not meant to be documentaries describing the country directly, but instead use certain elements in its name to develop an idea, an argument. This imagery characterizes the unique voice of the company.

Marcos Morau was awarded the National Dance Award in 2013 from the Spanish Ministry of Culture, as well as the Sebastià Gasch Award, an important prize granted by the FAD Foundation of Arts and Design. He has also won awards at the International Choreography Competition Hannover, the Choreography Contest in Copenhagen, the Madrid Choreographic Competition, Masdanza / the International Dance Festival of the Canary Islands, Best show in Fira Tarrega for Los Pájaros Muertos, and the “Butaca” Award, the audience prize given to the Best Dance Performance in 2013 for Siena.

Marcos Morau and his team have also begun working with other international companies ; during the upcoming seasons they will create new pieces for the National Dance Company of Spain directed by José Martínez, the Scapino Ballet Rotterdam, Skånes Dansteater and Norrdans in Sweden, the Ballet Teatres of the Generalitat Valenciana and the Royal Danish Theatre among