May, 18, 2016 at Opéra national de Lorraine

Collective creation :  Abdeliazide Senhadji, Amaia Valle, Andres Somoza, Airelle Caen, Alice Noel, Ann-Katrin Jornot, Antoine Thirion, Aurore Liotard, Charlie Vergnaud, Chloé Tribollet, David Badia Hernandez, David Coll Povedano, Denis Dulon, Emmanuel Dariès, Evertjan Mercier, Guillaume Sendron, Gwendal Beylier, Jérôme Hugo, Mohamed Bouseta, Romain Guimard, Thomas Samacoïts, Thibaut Berthias, Xavier Lavabre, Zinzi Oegema.
Artistic collaborations : Loïc Touzé, Valentin Mussou, David Gubitsch

XY COMPAGNY – Il n’est pas encore minuit ….

“On your own, you run faster, but when you’re together you can run a lot farther.” This is what the 22 artists and acrobats of the Compagnie XY say about their piece Il n’est pas encore minuit…, a collective creation created in collaboration with the choreographer Loïc Touzé.
With three important works, Laissez-Porter (2005), Le Grand C (2009) and Il n’est pas encore minuit… (2014) the XY artists have built the layers of their collective approach to creation, which explores and radically innovates the elements of acrobacy and its many lifts and holds. Openness, sharing and solidarity with others are also principal components of this collective process, fully reflected in the way the company is run. For them, circus is an active art form and the XY artists apply the idea of “doing it together” to all aspects of their work. Il n’est pas encore minuit … is filled with elements of celebration, freedom and resistance, based on the research they did on the Lindy Hop, a popular dance which emerged from the Harlem of the 20s, powerful and swinging, a perfect counterpoint to the very high level acrobatics performed by the XY artists.
This work by the XY company is also an admirable choice. It matches our theme for the season, offering us a work combining virtuosic technique with the overlying poetry of multiple bodies in movement. 

To see teaser of ll n’est pas encore minuit … click here