Concept by Petter Jacobsson and Thomas Caley May 14, 2016 - Place Thiers/Nancy May 15, 2016 - Parc de la Pépinière/Nancy

Concept proposed by Petter Jacobsson and Thomas Caley

After Femmes Bûcherons, Made in Nancy and Partie(s) Danse, we invite amateur dancers as well as soccer fans and fanatics to join us for a brand new participative project, DISCOFOOT, which will be presented in May at important locations in Nancy; they are still being chosen as of this date.

From June 10- July 10, 2016, France will be hosting the UEFA Euro 2016 Championship, and the CCN - Ballet de Lorraine will be presenting its own not-to-be-missed, wacky competition, DISCOFOOT, consisting of short soccer matches that will be played using dance’s motor movement and rules.

After a series of workshops open to all in the spring of 2016, we will organize a two-day tournament around this UDO, this “unknown dance object” – to which you will all be invited, as either spectator or dancer/player, perhaps both!

And after the final, we will have a wonderful party to celebrate. Please join us for the selection of the teams!!!