Season 2013/2014


Our season 2013-14 looks at our modernity, putting it in « communication » with what is happening in today's creative landscape. It is a season about dialogue, the influence and connections between artists, spectators and creators, between different times and periods in history, and between their « possible » and « improbable » combinations.

One of our three Opera house programs takes a specific look at a path of modernity that has had groundbreaking influence up to our present time. We will show important events from this path, spanning over the last 90 years, to reenact them and put them into context with contemporary methods and current relevance. Among these events will be Francis Picabia's Relâche, Merce Cunningham's Sounddance and a new creation, Corps de Ballet, by Noé Soulier.
In another example of these « creative chats », we will have the chance to witness one choreographer's « tête à tête » with himself. For this program, I have invited Emanuel Gat to create two works for our company, in order to display the diversity of his work and to allow the public to discover the variety of expressions coming from one artist.
Continuing our dialogue with one of France's most respected choreographers, Mathilde Monnier, we will in the spring première an important recreation – her critically acclaimed Rose from 2001. In addition, we will also present highlights from our recent repertory, as well as works by invited guest choreographers and companies, for example : Maguy Marin, Eszter Salamon, Xavier Le Roy...

With such a multitude of events, in constant movement and interconnected dialogue, the CCN - Ballet de Lorraine invites you to come and join in our dance.
Everything is expanding! Expanding through a chain of reactive events…

Welcome !


Petter Jacobsson - General Director

Emanuel Gat

Transposition #1
Choreography : Emanuel Gat
Music : Frédéric Duru

Transposition #2
Choreography : Emanuel Gat
Music : Frédéric Duru

Paris - New York - Paris

Corps de Ballet
Choreography : Noé Soulier
Music : Franz Schubert and Guiseppe Verdi

Choreography : Merce Cunningham
Music : David Tudor, (Untitled 1975/1994)

Conception 1924 : Francis Picabia with Entr'acte : René Clair
Reenactment March 15, 2014, at the Opéra national de Lorraine
Choreography : Petter Jacobsson and Thomas Caley
Music : Erik Satie


Choreography : Mathilde Monnier
Music : Ludwig Van Beethoven

Choreography : Xavier Le Roy and Eszter Salamon
Music : Adolphe Adam

In The Upper Room
Music : Philip Glass
Choreography : Twyla Tharp

Objets re-trouvés
Choreography : Mathilde Monnier
The sound score derives from excerpts of music from the choreographic repertory of the Ballet of Lorraine : A.S. Tüür, I. Stravinsky, E. Lalo, J.S. Bach, W. Riegger, D. Shea