Company AYOUN - Youness Aboulakoul (France)


AYTA is literally a cry of protest, a call for resistance, it is a choreographic work for six female dancers, six bodies massed into one, which attempts to resist bending forward and seeking verticality. The women become a single entity which moves forward, falls, gets up, bends, uncurls, retreats -- but in the end arrives at a verticality which will show the scars and marks they have earned on their relentless journey, their battle. Holding the vertical line is essential – for challenging, opposing – and for identitary affirmation. A ritual exercise of elevation and the validation of falls, combining the rebellious free spirit of the Moroccan musical ayta style with the struggles of the six artists expressing themselves through dance, stoking the strength and freedom of the female body and opposing any system seeking to direct or control it.

Youness Aboulakoul

Born in Casablanca, Youness Aboulakoul currently lives and works in Paris. When he was young he did hip hop dancing and traditional Moroccan dances at the cultural center of Moulay Rachid in Casablanca. He has performed since the age of 16, working with many different choreographers and collaborating with contemporary artists in Morocco and in Europe, among them Christian Rizzo, Olivier Dubois, Bernardo Montet, Ambra Senatore, Radhouane El Meddeb, Ramon Baeza, Rosa Sanchez & Alain Baumann, Khalid Benghrib, Filipe Lourenço, Arnaud Saury and Alexandre Roccoli.

In 2018, he collaborated with the choreographer and visual artist Youness Atbane, creating their duo Les Architectes [The Architects], after which he decided to create his own company, Ayoun. In 2019, he created his first solo, Today is a Beautiful Day, then a group work, Mille Miles [A thousand miles].
Youness Aboulakoul is also a sound creator. He follows electronic music very closely and his work is inspired both by the richess of Moroccan music and the range of sounds in the electro world, blending them to create his own acoustic universe. As an electronic music composer, Youness Aboulakoul has created the original music for several choreographic and film pieces.

As a choreographer, performance artist and musician, Youness Aboulakoul is especially interested in establishing a dialogue between artistic disciplines, seeking the departitioning of practices in the performing, visual and acoustic arts. This pluralistic vision of creation expands the limits of contemporary dance and facilitates the development of new forms of artistic expression.