Season 2017/2018

50 !

This season the CCN – Ballet de Lorraine is celebrating a double anniversary: the 50th anniversary of its creation and the 40th anniversary of the company’s implantation in Nancy. It has been a long and quite unique journey, but we are not looking back nostalgically, on the contrary as a true choreographic laboratory we choose this moment to push even further back the limits of creation: inviting new artists, exploring new territories and – more than ever – reaching out to diverse, new audiences. “Let’s party!” is our mantra as we move toward our next fifty years!

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PROGRAM 1 : 1968 - 2018

November 15, 16 and 17, 2017 at 8:00 PM
November 19, 2017 at 3:00 PM
at the Opéra national de Lorraine
Ticket price A

The first program of this season kicks off the festivities spectacularly with a wide-ranging evening of stunning performances!

Two different time periods square off, separated by 50 years, highlighting - as we usually do – the past and the present: the mythic RainForest created in 1968 by Andy Warhol and Merce Cunningham, against a brand new work by the New York-based choreographer Miguel Gutierrez, who is considered one of the most provocative and essential artistic voices of our time.

And to literally illuminate the performances, two surprising live performances will bookend the evening with a DJ and electronic sound.They will light the fire for our happening birthday season …

Production CCN – Ballet de Lorraine
1968 - 2018 is under the auspices of the BIENNALE DE LA DANSE GRAND EST - EXP.ÉDITION 2017

Happening birthday

Choreography : Petter Jacobsson and Thomas Caley


Choreography: Merce Cunningham
Music: David Tudor - Rainforest 
Part of the Merce Cunningham Centennial.


(the action takes place in Sweden, AKA nowhere)

February 21, 22 and 23, 2018 at 7:00 PM
February 25, 2018 at 3:00 PM
At the Opéra national de Lorraine
Ticket price A

Conception: La BaZooKa
Creation 2018 for families and children 6 years and older

Choreographic work for 9 dancers

Three “Swedish” characters, seen from three different angles, attempt to develop a song and dance number, with great determination and enthusiasm, deliberately going against the obvious directions.
The group continues to hope for success in spite of many failures in rehearsal after rehearsal. Their obstinacy drives them to strange and foolish places, such that the dimensions of space and time explode into a rhythmic performance of poetic jubilation.

Production CCN - Ballet de Lorraine

Kayak (the action takes place in Sweden, AKA nowhere) [Creation 2018]

Conception: La BaZooKa (Etienne Cuppens and Sarah Crépin)
Music: Adriano CelentanoPrisencolinensinainciusol

KAYAK (l'action se passe en Suède, c'est-à-dire, nulle part)

Conception: La BaZooKa (Etienne Cuppens and Sarah Crépin)
Music: Adriano CelentanoPrisencolinensinainciusol

PROGRAM 3 : Celui qui tombe

Guest company CCN 2 Grenoble
Dance and contemporary circus for families with children 10 years and older
Co-created with the Théâtre de la Manufacture - CDN Nancy Lorraine

May 24 and 25, 2018 at 8:00 PM

At the Opéra national de Lorraine
Ticket price A

There are six performers – three men, three women – standing randomly here and there on a giant creaking wooden platform which has been flown down from the flies. From here on their goal, their only obsession is to not fall. No matter what happens, no matter how this improvised raft moves: are they passengers in transit, castaways from a baffling world, ghosts from a sinking ship, or quite simply just human beings clinging to the bits of humanity they can see? Nothing is off the table – in any case they create a hypnotic, poetic, swirling piece using well‑known excerpts of classical music.

The piece defies classification, it is somewhere between new circus, dance, theatre, installation and street theatre – Celui qui tombe pushes the envelope, demanding an unparalleled virtuosity from its performers, who are seemingly both acrobats and dancers.

This is the perfect time to discover the work of Yoann Bourgeois, the new co-director of the CCN2 in Grenoble, in his first appearance as a guest of our company.

Celui qui tombe [Guest Company CCN 2 Grenoble]

Conception and direction: Yoann Bourgeois