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Presentation & teachers — Dance classes

Petter Jacobsson, the Director of the Centre Chorégraphique National - Ballet de Lorraine since 2011, has mandated that dance classes be taught by high level pedagogues, targeting all students in Nancy and the Lorraine region.
Dance is a rigorous discipline, requiring precision, investment and commitment. Dance classes at the CCN - Ballet de Lorraine meet these needs, offering students optimal conditions and highly qualified teachers.
Dance classes are developed implementing the artistic policies of the company and are an essential component of its artistic missions. They also allow for collaboration with professional dancers, choreographers and rehearsal directors.

This season Joris Perez, a dancer in the company since 2003, will join the cultural and pedagogical team, offering two improvisation classes one for children and one for adults, these new courses join our regular curriculum of classes in classical ballet, contemporary dance, improvisation workshops, point classes and stretching. Classes are available from September to June (except for school vacations). All classes are open to students of all levels (from children to adults, beginner to advanced). 

The goal of the cultural and pedagogical action team offering Dance Classes at the CCN - Ballet de Lorraine is to exercise the body and the mind, shaping intention and emotion, sharing the pleasure of dance and the effort involved.
A team of credentialed teachers teaches these classes: Daria Dadun-Gordon & Juliette Mignot in ballet and Leïla Bessahli & Joris Perez in contemporary dance.


Leïla Bessahli

After studying ballet at the conservatory, Leïla began studying contemporary dance as well. Along with her university studies in letters followed by a year of teacher’s training, she taught dance and worked with many choreographers.
Leïla danced with several contemporary dance companies, among them P. Wolf (Germany) and S. Marcelino; and in works for young audiences with the Théâtre du Paradis. She also began working with collectives working in “non-scenic” spaces, notably with the Man’ok, Astragale, Azimuts, Assolatelier, Rumba des pinceaux, La Torpille companies …
Along with her performing career, Leïla Bessahli offers several pedagogical events ranging from the training of a dancer to creations with audiences, at the Conservatoire National (CNR) in Strasbourg, as a member of the collective "Autrement Dit," the "Trajectoire" program at Pôle Sud, at the Instituts Médico-Educatifs, the Instituts Régionaux du Travail Social, and at schools…
Leïla works at the CCN - Ballet de Lorraine since 2004 and holds the French diploma in Contemporary Dance from the Centre National de la Danse de Paris-Pantin.

Daria Dadun

Born in Bydgoszcz (Poland), Daria studied at the National Dance School in Gdansk. She was the laureate of the 5th National Dance Competition in Poland in 1984, and in 1988 she was awarded the Medal of Leon Wojcikowski as the most promising young Polish dancer of the year. From 1987 to 1990, she was a Principal Soloist with the Ballet of the Grand Theatre of Warsaw, and from 1991 to 2000, she was a Soloist at the National Ballet of Nancy and Lorraine under the direction of Pierre Lacotte, then for the CCN - Ballet de Lorraine with Didier Deschamps. She has performed many important roles in the classical ballet repertory but also neoclassical and contemporary works.
In 1999, after studying at the CND in Paris, she was awarded the French teaching diploma and began teaching at the School of the CCN - Ballet de Lorraine. Until 2010, she taught at the CNR in Strasbourg. She also earned a C.A. as a Classical Ballet teacher at the CNSMD in Lyon, and is certified in Functional Analysis in danced movement (AFCMD) after studying for two years at the CESMD of Poitou Charentes, "Expertise of movement and prevention".

Juliette Mignot

Born in Angers, Juliette studied dance at the CNR of Angers. In 1989 she continued her studies at the Conservatoire National Supérieur in Lyon, and was awarded a diploma in 1992.
She danced for three years with the National Ballet of Marseille, directed by Roland Petit, and was then hired by the National Ballet of Nancy and Lorraine in 1995 under the direction of Pierre Lacotte. Shortly after Didier Deschamps became Director of the CCN Ballet de Lorraine, Juliette was named a Soloist in 2001. From 1992 to 2010, she danced in many classical, romantic and neoclassical ballets as well as contemporary works.
In 2001, she earned her French teaching diploma in classical dance and joined the teaching staff at the School of the CCN - Ballet de Lorraine. In December, 2015, after two years of dance teacher-training at the CNSMD in Lyon, Juliette Mignot earned her C.A. as a Classical Ballet teacher. 

Joris Perez

He began studying dance at the ENMD in La Rochelle before joining the Junior Ballet at the CNSM in Lyon in 1997. The following year he joined the Ballet du Rhin where over a four year period he danced in works by, among others, George Balanchine, Maurice Béjart, Hans Van Manen, Bertrand d’At, William Forsythe and Lucinda Childs.
After spending a season at the Nice Opera, he joined the CCN - Ballet de Lorraine in 2003, dancing in works by Jean- Claude Gallotta, Joëlle Bouvier, Christophe Béranger, Merce Cunningham, Cekwana, Mathilde Monnier and La Ribot.
In 2006, he earned the French teaching diploma in ballet and joined the pedagogical and cultural action team at the CCN in 2014. 

Group classes

Classes run from Monday September 17, 2018 to July 5, 2019, except for school vacations as laid out in scholastic zone B and legal holidays in France. They may also be suspended for one additional week during the school year. Classes take place at the studios of the Centre Chorégraphique National - Ballet de Lorraine at 3, rue Henri Bazin in Nancy.

Fees include dues payable to the CCN (22€). All subscriptions and dues are payable in advance to guarantee the student’s enrollment. In order to help students budgetarily, we accept payment in up to 10 installments, in checks written at the same time and submitted with the enrollment form, which will be deposited in the bank at the intervals established on the enrollment form.

  • A further reduction of 90€ for a large family is also allowed if there are at least 3 students enrolled in the same family.
  • The number of classes is not cumulative per family.
  • Students sign up for the entire season and classes are not reimbursed if the student stops coming (see details on page 5 of the enrollment forms).

More information from Elodie Bourdonnay: - Tel: 03 83 85 68 94