We're back!

Dear public,

After a month of April in lockdown, the month of May finally brings some good news : we will be able to welcome you at the Opéra national de Lorraine (Nancy) to unveil the latest creation of Petter Jacobsson and Thomas caley, Air-condition!

The shows will take place as planned on May 20, 21, 25, 26 and 27. The time of the performance will be moved ahead, starting at 7:00PM instead of 8:00PM to comply with the 9:00PM curfew. We hope that you will join us despite this last-minute change!

Another important change: seating at the Opéra will be limited to a third of its full capacity, reducing significantly the number of seats available for each date. As a consequence, some dates are almost packed already, so make sure to book your tickets now before it’s too late! You can already book a ticket through our ticketing service.

Some questions still remain at this time regarding the safety protocol for these shows. Rest assured that we will keep you updated on that matter as soon as we know more. Our ticketing office will be available to answer any question about the program.

Unfortunately, we still have to cancel other events: the ON DANSE course led by Simon Feltz and scheduled this week will not take place, since our venue will remain close to the public until May 19th. The Echauffement du regard, programmed at the Opéra national de Lorraine before each representation is also cancelled to comply with the sanitary protocol of the opera.

Anyhow, here we are. After months of anxious waiting, the countdown to our reunion has begun. You cannot imagine how happy we are to be able to tell you once again À BIENTÔT !

Everyone at CCN – Ballet de Lorraine