Public rehearsal of Air-Condition

Thursday, October 21, 2021 at 7:00PM at CCN - Ballet de Lorraine

Air-Condition, the next creation of Petter Jacobsson and Thomas Caley.

In 1954 Yves Klein proposed a ballet entitled, “LA GUERRE” (de la ligne et de la couleur)“The War” – (between line and color). Although the manuscript is incomplete and was never staged, it had some clear musical, visual, and scenic intentions; ones that reflected a moment in history and yet still continue to be extremely relevant. On paper La Guerre was a grandiose, scenic manifestation of his physical and performative reflections on his art’s immateriality. Klein was a boundless creative energy, great influencer and participating member of the ZERO group. He was referred to as a modern mystic, and creator of air architecture and whose fanciful ideas even led him to his iconic leap into the void. Because of his energetic physicality, in his art practice as well through his Judo training, and his interest in the ephemeral, the fact that he proposed a “ballet” seems like a clear continuation of his creativity.

Choreographers Petter Jacobsson and Thomas Caley together with collaborating artist Tomás Saraceno, set to l'île resonante by Eliane Radique, want to make visual the resonating vibrations that surround us daily. Saraceno’s work has throughout his career questioned how we may inhabit the “air”, through his interest to remove our dependence on fossil fuels to the intricate systems of spider web construction. In this we can see a heritage of ideas and concepts passed down from Klein and his generation. Air – Condition is a new creation that re-imagines questions posed by Yves Klein in 1954. What further sensibilities lie out there in the void? Lets take the leap and find out.

Freely adapted from La Guerre (entre la ligne et la couleur) [War (between line and color)] by Yves Klein.
Production by the CCN - Ballet de Lorraine in collaboration with the Centre Pompidou-Metz through the project Artiste Associé.

Rehearsals open to audiences allow them to observe the intimacy of the choreographer and his/ her dancers at work. They are interactive, and include exchanges with audiences in attendance.

Duration: 1 hour
Free entry - booking advised
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