Season 20-21

Season 20-21




From escapism to hyperrealism, from the creative to the political, fiction has an immersive power we cannot resist. Like a great dance partner, it has the potential to sweep us away from the everyday. History has proven we are addicted to this continued reinventing of our reality through the make believe and the creation of unimaginable fabrications. 

Our 20/21 Season consists of seven new creations that celebrate dance’s invented, constructed and unreal nature. This theme allows us to weave our way from historical references to the very current, acknowledging and illustrating our insatiable thirst for the art of fiction. How relevant this subject feels in times when we are touched by such extreme circumstances that encourages us to question, and in some cases to re-imagine our existence.  

Program 1

NO OCO (creation) Loïc Touzé

STATIC SHOT (creation) Maud Le Pladec

Two generations of choreographers, two different artistic journeys which have criss-crossed each other – will be sharing an evening, sharing the same interest in being fed by the amazing energy of the dancers of the company of the CCN – Ballet de Lorraine. With NO OCO, Loïc Touzé examines the specific space involved in studio work, where a movement happens collectively, playing with this passive material, which picks up the rhythm and transforms movement into dance. As for Maud Le Pladec, continuing her research into corporeality and choreographic vocabulary, she invites us to step into her world with STATIC SHOT, a cinematographic work using a fixed framed shot, in which movement and what is being looked at never stops. The bodies are plunged into a continuous climax, exploring the multiple sensations of pleasure and ecstasy.



Program 2

Air-Condition (creation) Petter Jacobsson and Thomas Caley

In 1954 Yves Klein proposed a ballet entitled, “LA GUERRE” (de la ligne et de la couleur) or (vers la proposition monochrome) – “The War” – (between line and colour) or (toward the monocrome). Although the manuscript is incomplete and was never staged, it had some clear musical, visual, and scenic intentions; ones that reflected a moment in history and yet still continue to be extremely relevant. On paper La Guerre was a grandiose, scenic manifestation of his physical and performative reflections on his art’s immateriality. Klein was a boundless creative energy, great influencer and participating member of the ZERO group. He was referred to as a modern mystic, and creator of air architecture and whose fanciful ideas even led him to his iconic leap into the void. Because of his energetic physicality, in his art practice as well through his Judo training, and his interest in the ephemeral, the fact that he proposed a “ballet” seems like a clear continuation of his creativity.

Air – Condition takes inspiration from Klein, animating ideas and concepts of the immaterial ephemeral experience he was so passionate about. There is a current and pressing relevance in the subject of the immaterial in light of the current state of our society. How are we engaging with our environment? How do we make visible the currents, vibrations and colours of our atmosphere in the search of a “less” material world? Choreographers Petter Jacobsson and Thomas Caley together with collaborating artist Tomas Saraceno, set to l'île re- sonante by Eliane Radique, want to make visual the resonating vibrations that surround us daily. Saraceno’s work has throughout his career questioned how we may inhabit the “air”, through his interest to remove our dependence on fossil fuels to the intricate systems of spider web construction. In this we can see a heritage of ideas and concepts passed down from Klein and his generation. Air – condition is a new creation that re-imagines questions posed by Yves Klein in 1954. What further sensibilities lie out there in the void? Lets take the leap and find out. The project is in collaboration with the Pompidou Metz and their exhibition Le ciel comme atelier – the sky as atelier.


Opéra national de Lorraine

Program 3

Pas assez suédois / Not Swedish enough (creation)
Dominique Brun, Latifa Laâbissi, Volmir Cordeiro, Petter Jacobsson and Thomas Caley

Indicative of the 1920’s, Les Ballet Suèdois was a ballet company that could equally be seen as an art project, full of enthusiasm, optimism for the future and social discourse. During just five short years they created over twenty works collaborating with a myriad of prominent visual artists and composers. What we hope to capture is this almost frenetic interest in contemporary ideas. In 2014, Petter Jacobsson and Thomas Caley already made their first research into the Ballet’s rich past with Relâche. For this new encounter they have decided to celebrate the Les Ballet Suèdois’s centennial. 
The focus of this “soirée” is not in the reconstruction of original works but in creations that are in dialog with the company’s body of work, history and epoch. Through referencing and certain quotations we would like to immerse the public in this very dynamic time and place – Paris in the roaring 20’s.

For the evening we are excited to invite three choreographers, Dominique Brun, Volmir Cordeiro and Latifa Laâbissi all with intense interests in the performative aspect of dance and an exacting relationship to the plasticity of space. In the tradition with this decadent epoch the evening promises to be a feast for all the senses.

TUESDAY, MAY 25 2021 AT 8:00PM
WEDNESDAY, MAY 26 2021 AT 8:00PM

THURSDAY, MAY 27 2021 AT 8:00PM

Opéra national de Lorraine


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